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Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is big and beautiful and loves humid conditions. This makes it perfect for bathrooms where it will thrive or if you don't want it in the bathroom, you can make it very happy by giving it a little spritz with your water mister. It's a great indoor house plant but it does need water and moisture. Put some pebbles in the plant pot and cover with water and sit your fern on top. It likes cool conditions and indirect light and do make sure the soil is kept moist

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Gourds - Mini Pumpkins

Autumn is here and with it comes lovely colourful gourds and mini pumpkins.There are hundreds of species of gourds divided into 3 groups and the cute, colorful little ornamental gourds that make good decorations are from the Cucurbita pepo group. They are closely related to pumpkins, summer squashes, and some winter squashes such as acorn and delicata. Gourds are generally extremely bitter and not edible but are great for decoration. Placed simply on a shelf or in a bowl or used as part of a more elaborate table centre they add perfect seasonal style to your home. Before you buy, check that the shell is hard and there are no soft parts as this could mean it has started to decompose. They last pretty well...

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Flower Delivery at Birksen

There's no better feeling than making someone happy by sending them flowers - whether it's expected or not.  Here at Birksen we strive to deliver the best bouquets to suit any budget. We have limited the choice available online as we believe a huge choice impacts quality. There are lots of reasons why people send flowers including birthday, thank you, anniversary, new baby, sympathy and 'just because'. But whatever the reason, nothing beats opening the door to a beautiful bunch which is there because someone is thinking about them. Areas we delivery flowers to include Clapham, Brixton, Balham, Stockwell, Chelsea, Vauxhall and Battersea. Give us a call if your areas is not listed. We can take orders in person, over...

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Easter trees are a centuries old German tradition that is now catching on in a big way in the UK.  Also called Easter egg trees (‘osterbaum’ in German), they’re simply tree branches – either standing in a vase, or a living tree outdoors – decorated with eggs or Easter decorations.  The eggs and tree symbolise new life as spring kicks in. Fancy making an indoor Easter tree this year?  Simply take some floral foam or use a vase or bucket and arrange freshly-cut tree branches (with buds on if possible) in it. Magnolia and cherry blossom look particularly nice.  We have in stock branches and twigs as well as Easter decorations to complete the look, should you fancy.  Have a...

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We stock moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) here in the shop and are always asked for care advice, so here are some essential tips to help you care for your orchid (courteousy of Kew): Only feed your orchid when it is actively growing. This is when you see new flower stems or roots appearing. Use a normal houseplant fertiliser (diluted to half strength) with every other watering Water from the top when the pot feels dry and light in weight. Allow to dry out between waterings. Orchids prefer rainwater to mains water in hard water areas. Place your orchid on a tray of wet pebbles to increase humidity. Repot orchids every two years. After flowering, remove old flower spikes and tip the plant out of its...

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