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Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is big and beautiful and loves humid conditions. This makes it perfect for bathrooms where it will thrive or if you don't want it in the bathroom, you can make it very happy by giving it a little spritz with your water mister. It's a great indoor house plant but it does need water and moisture. Put some pebbles in the plant pot and cover with water and sit your fern on top. It likes cool conditions and indirect light and do make sure the soil is kept moist

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Houseplants that help you sleep

We LOVE green houseplants and always have a good selection of different plants in store. The news is full of the benefits of these green beauties and the good they do to our home environments. They help purify the air and according so NASA, some houseplants can even help you sleep by purifying the air. Here are their top houseplants to help you sleep. Aloe Vera Described by NASA as one of the best plants for air purification, aloe vera releases oxygen throughout the night as well as fighting pollutants such as benzene (found in plastics) and formaldehyde (from varnishes) Spider Plant This attention-grabbing houseplant can remove a huge 90% of toxins from your bedroom air in just two days,...

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