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We stock moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) here in the shop and are always asked for care advice, so here are some essential tips to help you care for your orchid (courteousy of Kew): Only feed your orchid when it is actively growing. This is when you see new flower stems or roots appearing. Use a normal houseplant fertiliser (diluted to half strength) with every other watering Water from the top when the pot feels dry and light in weight. Allow to dry out between waterings. Orchids prefer rainwater to mains water in hard water areas. Place your orchid on a tray of wet pebbles to increase humidity. Repot orchids every two years. After flowering, remove old flower spikes and tip the plant out of its...

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Houseplants that help you sleep

We LOVE green houseplants and always have a good selection of different plants in store. The news is full of the benefits of these green beauties and the good they do to our home environments. They help purify the air and according so NASA, some houseplants can even help you sleep by purifying the air. Here are their top houseplants to help you sleep. Aloe Vera Described by NASA as one of the best plants for air purification, aloe vera releases oxygen throughout the night as well as fighting pollutants such as benzene (found in plastics) and formaldehyde (from varnishes) Spider Plant This attention-grabbing houseplant can remove a huge 90% of toxins from your bedroom air in just two days,...

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