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The popularity of red roses on Valentine's Day dates back to the nineteenth century when the Victorians used floral bouquets to deliver coded messages to love interests. This system was know as floriography and it officially cemented the rose's romantic status. A red rose represents 'love' due to the colour red being linked to passion. A pink rose can mean appreciation and grace, a yellow rose stands for friendship and happiness and a white rose represents innocence. Whatever message you want to communicate this Valentine's Day, roses remains a timeless choice and we offer a dozen red or white roses available to buy online.

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Spring bulbs are the perfect antidote during these short winter days to add a splash of colour and gorgeous scent to your home.  We have lots to choose from in the shop including narcissus and hyacinths (pictured above).  Place your hyacinth bulbs in a cool location away from heating, ideally in bright, indirect sunlight. Exposure to heat will shorten the plant's life.  Water every 2 to 3 days and do not allow the soil to dry out completely.  How simple is that!

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Christmas Wreaths

It's that time of year again and we are now taking orders for Christmas wreaths here at Birksen. You can order online or come into the shop and choose from the vast selection of designs and sizes on offer.   Did you know the wreath is an invitation to the spirit of Christmas to enter the home and bring good luck, suggesting also that the Christmas spirit dwells within?  No, neither did we!  You can read more about the history of the wreath in this interesting article published in The New York Times  

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